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sylvan richardson

Following a complete career turnaround from world class musician to elite sports therapist, Sylvan offers a unique, whole body approach to restoring your health and fitness.


Sylvan forged his reputation providing sports massage to the world's top squash players on the PSA tour. In 2007 he began working at the English Institute of Sport where he treated the Olympic track cycling team including Sir Chris Hoy, Bradley Wiggins and Victoria Pendleton; he also worked with British Tae Kwon Do and Paralympic Athletes.


Sylvan joined the medical team at Liverpool Football Club in 2010. He is  a certified Fascial Fitness Trainer and is currently an undergraduate doctor of chiropractic medicine. His martial arts background and extensive knowledge of the myofascial system provides the basis of his approach which includes active release and stretching techniques.


"My constant study, evaluation and reflection means that my techniques will expand and my insight and understanding will deepen and grow. Because of my grounding in martial arts and eastern philosophy, my approach to bodywork and healing (or intent to heal) has been influenced by these factors."


Sylvan treats a variety of injuries using different techniques including:

 - Postural analysis

 - Joint and soft tissue mobilisations

 - Myofascial release

 - Sports therapy

 - Nueromuscular re-education

 - Active and passive stretching

 - Sports massage

 - Rehabilitation

 - Fascial fitness


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