Natasha Sayer

natasha sayer

Dr Natasha Sayer (M.A.(Oxon), M.Sc, D.Clin.Psych.) is our in-house Clinical Psychologist. Through 18 years of academic study and clinical practice, Dr Sayer is an expert in human behaviour and the techniques needed to maximise personal or professional relationships to meet your potential.  She provides evidence based talking therapies and coaching focused on understanding why we do what we do and how to update ourselves to our version 2.0.

Please contact Natasha at to discuss how she may be able to help you, or view the Q&As at 
Dr Sayer’s expertise covers:
·  Thriving under expectation and pressure
·  Addressing unhelpful habits, thoughts and emotions
·  Stress control
·  Perfectionism
·  Self-esteem
·  Food habits
·  Mindfulness
·  Transitions in career or life stage


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