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Sheila McVitty is a qualified Yoga instructor specialising in Yoga for Sport. She has practised Yoga for nearly 20 years and taught elite athletes from Premiership footballers to professional dancers. Sheila is a Registered Teacher with Yoga Alliance UK and is currently working with a specific focus on Yoga for sport.


Sports Yoga Personal Training

Sheila's Sports Yoga sessions are focused on optimising strength and flexibility to help reduce the risk of injury.


After a detailed assessment, a bespoke programme will be created and athletes will be regularly re-assessed to highlight progress or areas for further work. The aim is to help athletes move more efficiently during training, performance and recovery.


As well as focusing on strength & conditioning, there will also be an emphasis on relaxation, recovery and rehabilitation where appropriate. Athletes should experience a calmer mental state and an improved sense of well-being.


Hatha Yoga Personal Training


Personal Training Yoga sessions are available for anyone who wants to practice mindfulness and develop a strong, lean body and a calm, focused mental state.


Sheila is a friendly and motivational teacher with a strong desire to help people reach their potential and optimise their physical and mental well-being. She passionately believes that combining yogic techniques with modern sports science can help calm an active mind and boost athletic performance.


Treatment Costs:

Hatha Yoga Personal Training £65 per hour

Sports Yoga Personal Training £85 per hour


 Availability: Monday – Thursday daytime (9.30-2.00)


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