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Nutritional Therapy


Nutritional Wellbeing is a specialist nutrition business which supports people with achieving their health goals. If you have a chronic health condition, difficult recurring symptoms, lack of energy or are just generally interested in improving your health, then nutritional therapy could be of great benefit to you.


Nikki conducts thorough one-to-one consultations to gather in depth information about her clients and uses this to produce a completely tailored nutrition and supplement plan.


"The result has been that my ulcerative colitis has gone into remission, my most recent blood rest showed improved levels of nutrients, and my symptoms have improved and in some case disappeared".


Nikki studied biomedicine, nutrition and clinical practice for 3 years and has used this knowledge and experience to ensure all her advice is scientific, evidence based nutritional therapy.


Contact Nikki at for more information.


Initial consultation 1 hour £120

Follow up consultation 1 hour £70


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