Performance Psychology




In an increasingly competitive world, the application of psychological theory and techniques to sports/exercise and business performance can keep you one step ahead of your game.




Performance Psychology can be about solving a particular problem or simply about improving yourself and preparing to be the most successful that you can be. At Rich Therapies, our experienced Consultant Psychologist is able to draw upon a range of scientific models and cutting-edge psychological techniques to gain a ‘whole person’ understanding of the unique factors which enhance or detract from your best self.




We can help you:


-Improve communication and relationships with team-mates, colleagues and management



-Overcome anxiety and build confidence, particularly following injury/failure or related to important events



-Develop ‘Mental Toughness’ – strategies for managing the stress of competition, workload, high-profile lifestyle/the expectations of others or even just the demands you place on yourself



-Manage anger and control unhelpful emotional reactions



-Employ mental strategies such as visualisation, self-talk, relaxation etc. in order to overcome obstacles and reach full potential



-Maintain motivation, energy and ‘flow’



-Reduce workplace/athlete burnout. Understand and avoid Overtraining Syndrome



-Be an extraordinary leader





1 hr: £150


1.5hrs £200


2hrs £250


(discount available if block booking 10 sessions in advance)



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