Mindful Mind Training


Based on concepts from Buddhist philosophy – mindfulness is learning to gain awareness of the way our minds work by simply observing in a non-judgemental way and being in the moment.


Typically we are aware only momentarily of what we hear, see, feel – experience. Our attention can be taken over by worrying about the future, or ruminating about the past – which sometimes happens in an automatic way. Thus in responding to stressors of life – e.g. work pressures, relationship problems, general anxiety or even chronic pain – despite our best intentions we end up increasing our stress levels.


If we think about excessive levels of worry or stress – it is difficult to find any positive aspects, isn’t it?


The good news is that we can learn to cope better with external and internal pressures, by consciously directing our attention to specific thoughts, sensations, experiences – activating self-soothing mechanisms.


To be effective, this process requires daily practice – then it becomes automatic.


This is mindfulness, let it benefit your physical health and happiness.


1.5 hours £75

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