Extended Badminton Career


I started playing badminton at my local youth club from the age of 13. I continued playing into adulthood and have become a good club standard player. On reaching 40, I started entering veteran’s competitions and representing my county in the veteran’s category. When I turned 60 I entered the English nationals and was fortunate enough to win. I then entered the European veteran’s tournament and exceeded all expectations. I was the runner up in this event.

Soon afterwards I started having problems with my knee, which kept seizing up and I eventually went to the doctors where I had a scan and arthroscopy. These didn’t help the situation at all. After 18 months of not playing badminton I got to hear about a physiotherapist called Sylvan Richardson and, even though it was an hour’s travel (3 hour round trip including treatment) I still visited most weeks and Sylvan has now managed to get me back playing badminton, county matches and tournaments.

I am playing in the world championships in Turkey later this year, which is an achievement in itself as only 4 people from each country are allowed to play in each event. I can honestly say without Sylvan’s treatment my badminton days would be over. Even though I only play at an amateur level, badminton is a big part of my life and I cannot thank Sylvan enough for extending my career.

Steve Ramsbottom

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